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Git Downloads

Some totally free downloads for every software engineer working with Git.
Git Cheat Sheet

Mastering Git is no easy task, but this comprehensive Git cheat sheet will certainly help you along the way. For every level of software developer.

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White Paper - 7 Intermediate Git Tips

Our free Git tips white paper will turbo boost your coding and Git knowledge so that you can get back to what counts, your software coding.

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Git Tips

Software development has come to rely heavily on Git for version control. But whilst it has great power, it can also be a beast to work with. 160+ commands, thousands of parameters, and the help files are a massive read. 

What we offer here is a concise round up of the common problems you can face with Git. A wide ranging set of quick tips, complete with the commands you'll need to type into Git. Designed to be comprehensive but also quick to read, to get you back pushing to production as soon as possible.

How to Git Reset Hard Effortlessly

Git reset --hard is powerful but you can easily lose code forever. Software developers need to use git reset hard quickly, and we show you an optional undo facility.

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How to Git Commit Amend Effortlessly

Git commit --amend is a powerful tool to fix problem commits, add files and more. We show you how to use it.

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How to Git Stash Effortlessly

Git stash is a feature in Git SCM that lets you save your work when you’re not ready to commit. Read more to find out how to use it.

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How to Git Add Effortlessly

Adding files to Git using 'git add' can be more complex and subtle than you think. Get all the solutions here.

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How to Git Partial Commit Effortlessly

How to achieve a Git partial commit of a file, instead of the whole of it. We show you how to commit one hunk at a time, interactively, simply and safely.

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How to Overwrite Local Files Not Git Commits Effortlessly

If you have local untracked files that need to be replaced with Git repository ones, how do you do it without losing anything? We show you how.

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How to Git Amend Commit Message Effortlessly

Whether you need to alter just the last Git commit you made, or a number of them, this shows you to make Git amend a commit message.

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How to Git Move Commit to Another Branch Effortlessly

You’ve made one or more commits, and now realise they’re on entirely the wrong branch. So how can you make Git move a commit to another branch, either a new branch, or perhaps an existing one?

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How to Git Ignore Already Tracked Files Effortlessly

How can you git ignore committed files? We show you how to ignore files which have previously been committed to Git source control.

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How to Git Reset Effortlessly

Although amending a previous commit with git reset is simple, what happens when you have multiple commits to undo, perhaps keeping the existing working files?

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How to Git Rebase Instead of Merge Effortlessly

After a git merge, you realise that you’d like to create a better history, as if you had used git rebase on the branch instead of merging it. Find out how here.

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Don't let hidden Git stash files kill your code!

Did you know you can see hidden Git stash files using NodeGit? Read this blog to find out more.

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We provide these pages to try to make your programming life easier. Our resources page gives an overview. You can see a full list of our Git tips & tools here.

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