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Best Software Development Practices

Software Development Tools

Software development tools and resources can accelerate your coding abilities. Every software engineer should have a list of them. This is ours.

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Always Be Testing

To excel as a software developer, you need to always be testing as part of your best software development practices. Here's how to go about it.

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Learn by Heart

One of the best software development practices is to learn by heart the different tech that you use. Investing a small amount of time now can save you a huge amount of time later on.

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Practice Good Workflows

Making sure that you practice good workflows is a critical part of best software development practices. We give you some quick tips and tricks on how to do this.

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Focus On Your Mindset

How can you focus on your mindset when implementing the best software development practices? Break down big tasks, accept no bugs, and more.

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Collaborate with Others

Making sure you collaborate with others is an essential part of best software development practices. Review others code, contribute to open source code, and more.

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Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is significant part of best software development practices. Here are some tips about how to keep on track, and keep learning.

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Get Away From the Keyboard

Surprisingly, getting away from the keyboard is an import part of best software development practiceshelp you. Here we explain why and how.

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Best for Git

GitBreeze is an effortless Git GUI that boosts software development. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It's free for any use.

Designed for intermediate and beginner Git users, our unique UI/UX boosts your software development and makes Git simple.

Help & tools

We provide these pages to try to make your programming life easier. Our resources page gives an overview. You can see a full list of our best software development practices here.

We have this free download to help with your coding: 25 design patterns - these are working examples you can step through in C#.

Customers say...

I love any tool that makes my life easier... This is perfect, just the right amount of control. No more, no less. Easy to get started, push and rollback changes... It's a no brainer!
Hayden T.
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