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Manage pending files

Compare, then commit or stash.

Committing vs. Stashing

Sometimes a set of pending files might need to suddenly be stashed rather than committed. Its a breeze with GitBreeze. Use the 'conventional commits' format for standardised messages if you like. Quickly pull up the previous messages to add to your text.

Bury and Exhume Files

Git's way of ignoring files only works for those which have never been committed. What if a config file shouldn't change, but must be in the repository? With GitBreeze you can bury files to make sure you don't accidentally commit them. Then exhume them when you need to start committing them again. Or just temporarily view and commit all the buried files by ticking a box.

Select Files in Seconds

Change the view to group files by folders, file names, extensions, or statuses. Easily see those not in git at all, or those that are unaltered. Quickly select all the files that are added, modified, deleted or renamed. Get the files selected, committed and get on with your day.

Push as You Commit

Any time you commit, you can push the changed branch to the remote repository, but by default this won't overwrite any existing branch. If you definitely want to force an overwrite you can. GitBreeze helps to prevent errors by making this explicit.

Compare Files

Compare each of the pending files not just to the working files, but the latest commit's files as well, so you know exactly what's altered since you stashed them. Contrast each file's contents by comparing the latest commit for it to the penultimate one. GitBreeze helps you see what really changed.
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