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GitBreeze + AI

The AI Git® client for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

AI Built In

Every version of GitBreeze has AI built in, assessing and improving your pending files and commits. It describes what's happened so far and recommends changes with a code review. Try it for free on hundreds of your commits.

All Major Platforms

GitBreeze runs on Windows, Apple, and Linux, seamlessly. And one user licence will cover all of them. This is a Git client for any OS.

Enhances & Protects Git

GitBreeze works seamlessly with Git so you can switch to the command line and back. It also protects your code by showing you in advance what's going to happen when actions are taken.

Take the Strain Out of Git

Git is wonderfully powerful, but has over 160 commands and thousands of parameters to remember.
It regularly defeats developers the world over. Using the command line interface for Git can destroy your work in a second. There's nearly always a fix, but finding and using it can be tricky. We've had this experience. Which is why we created something that works seamlessly with Git. GitBreeze, the AI Git client.

I love any tool that makes my life easier... This is perfect, just the right amount of control. No more, no less. Easy to get started, push and rollback changes... It's a no brainer! Hayden T.

Git GUI Features to Simplify Git

Unique Branch Comparison

Instantly see which commits are identical between two branches, and which are just very similar. So you know when commits have been cherry picked or merged. And swiftly understand which commits in one branch are missing from another.

Committing Not Staging

Use AI to analyse pending files. Never waste any more time on the Git index. Just select the files to commit and do it. Compare files in many ways, including against latest or previous commits. Amending a commit is easy, and you can always see the difference between the commits.

Unique Rewind

Undo or delete commits with ease and security. Use the power of reverting or resetting in a much simpler way. Prevent errors using previews, and choose whether to keep your working files erasing commits.

I always wanted to use Git versioning in my workflow but had failed a few times before as I used to find it confusing.

I find GitBreeze very easy to use because of its simplicity and unique inbuilt reverting/resetting features and branch comparison tool, which is more visual and easy to track. I think investing in such an affordable, well-built tool is totally worth it as it does save a lot of time. Jitin S.

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